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Miss Universe is one competition that always invites scrutiny from people across the world. Even the ones who aren’t normally interested in beauty pageants often get swept up in the hype that is generated by these competitions. 
This year too, the Miss Universe competition generated enough interest worldwide to be called a success and one of the reasons for that is the incredible participants in the show that have successfully represented their countries on this biggest platform.
One of the participants who made waves throughout the competition was Miss Thailand, Anntonia Porsild. Let’s look back at her journey and see what were the things that made her achieve the runner-up position in Miss Universe 2023.
Anntonia Porsild’s journey from Thailand to Miss Universe 2023
The name Beauty Pageant does invoke the sense that it’s the most important factor while adjudging the winner of such competitions. But it isn’t entirely true. Yes, beauty is one of the factors that one is judged at a Miss Universe competition, but it’s not the most important nor the deciding factor of the whole equation.
Almost everyone who participates in such competitions is breathtakingly beautiful, making it difficult to judge exactly who is the most beautiful of them all. That’s why other factors like grace, humility, wit, and intelligence seep in when one is judging these competitions and deciding on the fact that who must be crowned as Miss Universe.
Anntonia Porsild is someone who can excel in all these fields. Apart from being simply gorgeous, Miss Thailand also has a multicultural background that makes her incredibly well-read and traveled.
Her father was Danish, while her mother was Thai. She spent her life growing up in different countries and cultures, like Denmark, India, Spain, Thailand, and Vietnam. She attended the prestigious International School, Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam, and has a public relations and communications degree from EU Business School, Barcelona.
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Anntonia Porsild’s pageantry journey
Anntonia Porsild stepped into the world of pageantry in 2019, with the Miss Supranational Thailand competition. She was victorious in that event which led her to represent Thailand in Miss Supranational Thailand 2019. She became the first Thai woman to be crowned at the event establishing history along the way.
Porsild’s achievements continued to the biggest stage where she proudly represented her country and got extremely close to winning the crown. Despite her not being able to nab the biggest first position, she impressed and delighted everyone with her grace and wit, firing on all cylinders in the competition and generally becoming a tough competition to beat.
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