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A married constable of the Delhi Police allegedly kept a murder secret for two years by carefully weaving a web of lies. The constable, identified as Surendra Rana, fell in love with his former colleague Mona but killed her when she rejected him. Rana’s brothers-in-law, Ravin and Rajpal, helped him hide the body and cover up the crime. Mona’s family was led to believe she was alive, and Rana even made them speak with her. However, this elaborate scheme was eventually exposed, and Rana, along with his accomplices, was arrested and charged with murder.

Mona joined the Delhi Police in 2014, two years after Rana, and they worked together in the control room. She later got a job as a sub-inspector with the UP Police, but she quit to prepare for the civil services exam. Rana continued to keep a watch on Mona, which led to an argument between them on September 8, 2021. After the argument, Rana took Mona to an isolated place, strangled her, and dumped her body in a drain.

To keep up the pretense that Mona was alive, Rana called her family and claimed she had disappeared with someone named Arvind. He maintained contact with the family, pretending to search for her and even went to the police station with them. Rana went to great lengths to fabricate evidence of Mona’s existence, including getting a woman vaccinated in her name and making transactions from her bank account. He also used her SIM card and edited audios of Mona to make the family believe she was alive.

To further deceive the family, Rana enlisted the help of his brother-in-law Rabin, who posed as Arvind during phone calls with Mona’s family. Rabin provided false information about their whereabouts and claimed they were married. He went to various cities with prostitutes, dropping Mona’s documents at hotels to mislead the police. This complex charade successfully convinced Mona’s family that she did not want to return home.

The investigation into the case began when the Crime Branch traced the number Rabin used to communicate with Mona’s family. It was discovered that the number belonged to Rajpal, leading to the unraveling of the conspiracy. Mona’s skeletal remains were recovered from the drain where she was disposed of, and DNA profiling was conducted to confirm her identity.

Mona, a bright student and class topper, aspired to become a bureaucrat. Rana, who was married with a son, saw her as a potential high-ranking officer and pursued her. However, Mona viewed him as a father figure and rejected his advances, which ultimately led to her tragic death.

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