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After appearing on the reality TV show ‘The Golden Bachelor’ Gerry Turner and Theresa Nist have decided to tie the knot. The happy couple will be doing their nuptials live on ABC in January.

Gerry Turner and Theresa Nist announce their wedding in the final episode of The Golden Bachelor

In the finale of Golden Bachelor’s latest season, the couple announced that they will tie the knot. They appeared in the live After the Final Rose episode where Gerry revealed that he does not see any reason to delay the wedding. Gerry is currently 72 years old while Theresa is 70.

Gerry and Theresa also appeared in a joint interview for People Magazine where Gary shared, “When you’re in your 20s and you put something off for a year, it’s a very small percentage of your life.” He also added, “In your 70s, the clock ticks faster. And I’m 100% certain I found the right girl for me. So it’s like, why not?”

On the other hand, Theresa said, “I met the man of my dreams. It wasn’t our original timeline, but to be presented with the wedding of our dreams? Spectacular, incredible, wow!

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Taking a look at Theresa Nist, the star bride from The Golden Bachelor

According to multiple reports, Theresa’s net worth is between $500,000 to $1 million. The Golden Bachelor star reached the heights of her career by working as a financial service professional for Tomorrow’s Financial Services Inc. She had earlier worked for the stock market as a day trader after working for multiple corporations.

Theresa also detailed the experience of her first marriage in the show. She was married to her childhood sweetheart Billy, and had planned her last wedding in three days. In an interview with People, she shared, “I was in my first year of college and Billy was drafted during the Vietnam War, he went to Berlin,” Theresa says. “And he kept saying, ‘I want to marry you, let’s get married.’ And I kept saying, ‘Billy, no, we’re too young.”

She later accepted his proposal in 1972, Theresa shared, “My mother went into action and we got married on a Tuesday,” she recalls. “We had a gown, a veil, a cake, a photographer, music, really in the basement of my house. There was no diamond ring, so this is brand new and amazing.” Because of her quick nuptials, the last time around she doesn’t feel the time crunch this time. The couple is all excited about planning their upcoming wedding.

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