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In the world of music, collaborations can lead to remarkable and unexpected creations. Dolly Parton, the iconic Jolene singer, recently shared insights into a collaboration that didn’t quite go as originally planned. In a cover story for Consequence, Parton opened about her forthcoming album, Rockstar, and her desire to sing I Love Rock ‘n’ Roll with rock legend Joan Jett.

The Joan Jett connection

In her interview, Parton revealed her admiration for Joan Jett and her influence on the album. She shared that when she wrote the title song, Rockstar, she envisioned Jett as a young girl with dreams of becoming a Rockstar. Parton was inspired by the idea of a young Jett passionately declaring, “I’m gonna be a rockstar, whether you two like it or not!”

Parton recounted an interaction with Joan Jett that took an unexpected turn. She reached out to Jett with the idea of performing I Love Rock ‘n’ Roll together. However, Joan Jett declined the offer, suggesting an alternative. Jett proposed singing Hate Myself for Loving You instead, explaining, “Everybody can sing I Love Rock ‘n’ Roll. That one’s more you. Let’s sing that one, because it’s really got some meat to it.”

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Parton embraced Jett’s suggestion, appreciating the Rock icon’s insight. The collaboration allowed Parton to see things from a different perspective and led to a remarkable rendition of Hate Myself for Loving You. She even expressed her awe and gratitude for the collaborations on Rockstar, emphasizing the joy she found in working with classic artists on classic songs.

A peak into Dolly Parton’s new album

Dolly Parton’s upcoming album, Rockstar is highly anticipated and set for release on November 17. It features a whopping 30 tracks, including nine songs and 21 covers of rock classics. However, what makes this record truly special are the collaborations with a star-studded lineup1, including Elton John, Chris Stapleton, John Fogerty, Miley Cyrus, Sheryl Crow, Stevie Nicks, Sting, and more.

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