Tue. May 21st, 2024

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has reaffirmed Canada’s commitment to building closer ties with India, despite allegations of India’s involvement in the killing of Khalistani terrorist Hardeep Singh Nijjar. Trudeau emphasized the increasing influence of India globally and stressed the importance of engaging with India for Canada and its allies.

Speaking at a press conference in Montreal, Trudeau stated that India is a growing economic power and a significant player on the world stage. He highlighted Canada’s seriousness in fostering stronger relations with India, referencing their Indo-Pacific strategy from last year.

Trudeau also emphasized the need for India to work with Canada to ensure a thorough investigation into the matter, given their shared commitment to the rule of law. He revealed that he received assurances from the US that Secretary of State Antony Blinken would address the allegations during a meeting with his Indian counterpart.

Canada’s security agencies have been actively pursuing potential links between the Indian government and Nijjar’s murder, as stated by Trudeau in the Canadian House of Commons. However, India has strongly denied these allegations, dismissing them as absurd and motivated.

The strained relations between Canada and India have led to the suspension of visa services by India in Canada. Additionally, India has issued an advisory for its citizens and those traveling to Canada, urging them to exercise caution due to growing anti-India activities and politically-condoned hate crimes.

Trudeau has yet to provide public evidence supporting the claims regarding Nijjar’s killing, further exacerbating the already strained ties between the two countries.

(Note: This article has been summarized and may be missing certain details from the original source.)

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