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The Korean series Squid Game was received so well by the audience that Netflix not only decided to follow it up with a second season but they also decided to produce a reality game show, based on the series. The idea for the reality show is based on that of the original series, where 456 players compete with each other and the winner receives staggering $456 millions in prize money. However, the production team has now received backlash over the treatment of their participants.

Squid Game: The Challenge releases on Netflix, but faces backlash over negligence in player’s safety

The backlash came after some participants of the show had threatened a lawsuit following allegations of negligence in player’s safety. The latest news is that a player revealed that they had to wear the same outfit throughout the show. A participant of Squid Game: The Challenge, Contestant number 326, claimed that the players had to wear a nasty tracksuit.

In her TikTok account, the contestant revealed her name is Melissa and shared that, “The outfits that they gave us are all that we had,” the contestant revealed adding, “They gave us one tracksuit and one pair of shoes.” Player 326 further said, “It did suck that we had to wear the tracksuits. They told us we have to sleep in them too. Let me tell you all, those tracksuits were getting nasty towards the end.”

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Player 326 from Squid Game reality show reveals how they stayed clean

While Melissa spoke about the unhygienic working conditions, she however added that the bathrooms had a supply of fresh undergarments that could be changed daily. She also added that they had access to cleaning products such as body wash, shampoo, conditioner, spray on deodorants and lotions that helped them stay clean. However, she spoke about how the daily challenges would lead to ‘wear and tear’ of the garments. Melissa cited the example of the Dalgona challenge during which contestants had to sit on the sand and then had to wear the same tracksuit to bed.

It was also reported earlier that the injuries sustained during filming included hypothermia and nerve damage. This occurred when the original show’s red light, green light game was played due to the extremely cold temperature.

The show Squid Game: The Challenge is airing on Netflix in two parts. While the first part with five episodes has been released already, the second part will arrive on the 29th of November.

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