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Back in 2021, the Potterheads were on cloud seven when a Harry Potter flagship store was opened in New York City. Starring in 8 movies over 10 years, Daniel Radcliffe became the face of the movie series as he played the titular role of Harry, a neglected and orphaned eleven-year-old boy who learns that he belongs to (and is quite a celebrity in) the wizarding world. In a conversation, the actor was asked whether he had visited the store in his character’s name. Read on ahead to know what the actor had to say!

Daniel Radcliffe reacts when asked if he had visited the Harry Potter store or not

In the past, the actor revealed that he did not visit the story as everyone would have jumped on to him. Daniel Radcliffe appeared on The Kelly Clarkson Show and discussed his reaction to the Harry Potter store in New York. “They’ve just opened a massive Harry Potter store in New York, and I’ll walk past there and suddenly get there like, ‘Oh no, I’m here, I have to not be here very quickly, I have to run before somebody sees me,’” said the actor. While the actor has been away from the Wizarding world, the ardent fans want to see him.
After the conclusion of the franchise’s main films with 2011’s Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2, Radcliffe has been associated with many other projects. While plenty of fans still see him as the face of their favorite fantasy series, a new reboot TV series has been confirmed.
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Will Daniel Radcliffe return in the Harry Potter reboot?

As it was announced that the beloved series would get a series reboot, the actor once shared that it would be ‘very weird’ for him to appear in the Harry Potter TV series. Daniel Radcliffe has no interest in returning to Hogwarts as he made it abundantly clear that he doesn’t expect to appear in the upcoming reboot. “There would be somebody else playing Harry. So I think it would be very weird for me to show up,” said the actor. However, he is very excited about the new series as he awaits a fresh take on the magical saga.
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