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Taylor Swift, the celebrated pop star known for her sensational music and captivating performances, recently unveiled her most peculiar and deepest fear during an interview with Ellen DeGeneres. While fans around the world adore her for her chart-topping hits and magnetic stage presence, Swift confessed to an unusual and surprising phobia that has left many intrigued.

The terrifying and spiky sea urchins

Taylor Swift’s biggest fear in the world is sea urchins, those unassuming, spiky creatures lurking beneath the ocean’s surface. She shared her dread with Ellen, expressing her concern about these creatures, despite Ellen’s attempts to ease her worries.

Swift said that “if you knew what sea urchins are, you would be terrified.” She explained that sea urchins are like GRENADE. According to her, they might seem harmless but can inflict significant harm when stepped on. Sea urchins have barbs that can penetrate the skin, and if you’re unlucky enough to encounter one, you might need an emergency room visit to remove it. The singer even humorously suggested that you could ‘lose your hand trying to get it off your foot.’

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Second greatest fear: Framed for Murder

If her fear of sea urchins wasn’t unusual enough. Taylor Swift also shared her second greatest fear—being framed for murder. She expressed her concerns about the possibility of someone fabricating evidence to accuse her of a crime she didn’t commit. Swift pointed out that the ease with which false information spreads on the internet fuels her anxiety.

Swift mentioned that she could be living a quite life with her cats and still face absurd rumors about her, such as buying a random house, or dating someone she’s never met.

While Taylor Swift’s fears may seem unusual, they highlight the vulnerability of even the biggest celebrities when faced with irrational worries. In her case sea urchins and the fear of being framed for her crime are the deepest fears she has opened up about.

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