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Young Thug’s attorney Brian Steel was the highlight of the second day of opening statements in the YSL Rico trial. Jefferey Williams who uses the rap name Young Thug is one of the six defendants charged in the case. In the last trial, Brian Steel tried to explain the meaning behind Jefferey’s Young Thug name and the clip went viral. Here’s what he said.

Young Thug’s lawyer attempts to explain his name in the RICO trial

Steel Began explaining the meaning of Young Thug’s name saying, “Thug has different meanings. Now some of you read books, about Tupac and what it meant to be Thug Life. Thug Life, the hate you give little infants, fs, everyone, meaning discrimination and racism hurts all of us. We teach that to our kids. That was not with third meant to Jeffery and means to Jefferey something very personally.”

Jeffery’s lawyer continued. “It was his path. Think you could ever make it as a musical artist and help his family, himself, and many others out of this endless cycle of hopelessness. He would be truly humble under God. That’s what Thug means.”


Fans reaction to Brian Steel’s meaning of Young Thug

The one-minute and 24-second clip went viral after it was recorded life. Fans reacted with hilarious tweets under the video clip posted by Daily Cloud. Here’s what they tweeted;


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Brian Steel accused prosecutors of distorting evidence

In the opening statements of Young Thug’s racketeering trial, defense attorney Brian Steel accused prosecutors of distorting evidence and ridiculed the notion that the globally acclaimed rapper would be involved in running a small Atlanta street gang. Steel emphasized that Young Thug, also known as Jeffery Williams, had achieved success through hard work and determination without resorting to criminal activities.

Contrary to the prosecution’s claims, Steel asserted that Young Thug was not leading a criminal street gang for personal gain in the Cleveland Avenue area. He highlighted the rapper’s self-made success, worth tens of millions, and emphasized that Young Thug did not instruct violence or seek financial support from illicit activities.

The trial, expected to last several months, revolves around the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO). The use of RICO is notable, as it was previously applied in the indictment of former President Donald Trump and others for alleged attempts to overturn the 2020 election.

Brian Steel’s controversial rap lyrics

The case also brings attention to the controversial use of rap lyrics as evidence. Young Thug, a Grammy-winning artist known for pushing musical and cultural boundaries, faces charges under the RICO act, along with additional drug and gun charges. The trial involves six defendants, all pleading not guilty, with Young Thug having been held in custody since his arrest last year.

In Monday’s proceedings, prosecutors argued that Young Thug’s label, Young Stoner Life Records (YSL), operated as a criminal street gang responsible for various crimes. According to Fulton County Chief Deputy District Attorney Adriane Love, Young Thug was the “proclaimed leader” of the gang, influencing its members to commit armed robbery, hijacking, motor-vehicle theft, possession of a machine gun, and murder.

Defense attorneys concluded their opening statements on Tuesday evening, with prosecutors scheduled to present their case and witness testimony beginning on Wednesday.

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