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YRF adopted an unconventional promotional approach, mirroring the strategy used for Shah Rukh Khan’s Pathaan, by refraining from traditional promotions with the lead actors of Tiger 3. Following the film’s release on November 12, Emraan Hashmi, portraying the antagonist, got candid in an exclusive interview with Pinkvilla.

In the conversation, the actor revealed that composer and singer Pritam Chakraborty had suggested adding a romantic song to the backstory of his character, Aatish.

Emraan Hashmi discloses that Pritam urged the makers to incorporate a romantic track for his character

During the chat, the topic of many people on Twitter expressing their desire for Emraan Hashmi’s character, Aatish, to have a romantic song in Tiger 3 was brought up. Emraan responded, “I know. Pritam also wanted that. He tried his level best to convince the team to give Emraan a romantic track in the backstory.”

The actor goes on to explain why this idea couldn’t come to fruition. He says, “It would really ruin the pace of the film. I mean, if you see the film, it’s, yeah, a song has its place, but it’s not it’s not really that. It’s more story-driven. It’s more action and this grander scale driven with a lovely backstory. So I think another song would kind of ruin the pace if you ask me.”

He further commented that those times are gone when you could casually insert six songs into a film. People’s attention spans and patience are lacking these days.


About Tiger 3

Tiger 3 emerges as the fifth chapter in the YRF Spy Universe, seamlessly blending into the fabric of this interconnected film saga. Unfolding against the canvas of events depicted in Tiger Zinda Hai, War, and Pathaan, the tale follows Avinash Singh Rathore, alias Tiger, a RAW agent on a mission of substantial risk to vindicate himself from allegations of treason. The narrative complexity deepens as he confronts the unavoidable task of facing his enduring arch-nemesis.

Alongside Emraan, the movie showcases significant roles portrayed by Katrina Kaif and Salman Khan, with cameo appearances by Shah Rukh Khan and Hrithik Roshan.

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