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It’s just been a couple of days since Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif led action-thriller film Tiger 3 released. The Maneesh Sharma directorial is already being regarded as a box-office success. Emraan Hashmi can be seen playing an antagonist in the YRF Spy Universe. In an exclusive interview with Pinkvilla, he shared his experience of working with Salman and Katrina.

Tiger 3 actor Emraan Hashmi reveals he’s fond of Salman Khan

Emraan Hashmi was in a sit-down chat with Pinkvilla wherein he spoke about the movie. During the chat, it was revealed that there were multiple possibilities of him working with Salman Khan, and finally, Tiger 3 happened. Speaking about it, the actor said that he had met Salman multiple times, but their collaboration can’t get bigger than this movie.

Talking about Salman, the Mumbai Saga actor shared, “I’m just very fond of Salman. It’s not like we hang out every day, but it’s an equation where whenever I meet him, it’s very warm, and it’s very comfortable. Like there are some people you might meet, and there’s no connect there. Yeah, you’re formal, and you’re cordial, but I think Salman (and I) are very comfortable with each other, and that makes the whole working experience also fun.”

While speaking of the quality of Salman that makes him a popular star, Emraan divulged that the Bajrangi Bhaijaan actor is very charismatic and has a huge aura he doesn’t have to work on. He added, “He is just someone who has got that personality. Some people have to project the personality of a star, but it’s not Salman. Salman can come and be his casual best, and he’s just him. He’s like, ‘sit down and chill,’ and his lazy charm, and he can just be. He’s so captivating.”

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Emraan Hashmi says he has admired his co-star Katrina Kaif

This was the first time Emraan Hashmi had worked with actress Katrina Kaif. During the same interview, he opened up about working with her. The actor said that he had admired her for the longest time.

“Her career graph, the way she has made great strides, and this is my first time working with her. She is just great working with because she completely surrenders as far as her character goes, the vision of the director. No questions asked she’ll give the director multiple takes, and Maneesh (Sharma) likes to take a lot of takes. So, she really puts in her heart and soul, and I hadn’t seen mostly other action set pieces mostly because I was not part of them, but yeah, she really kicked in the film,”

Emraan divulged, adding that the Phone Bhoot actress is very hardworking, extremely focused, and very driven. He also said that she is the best female action star out there.

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