Sat. Jul 20th, 2024

Countries have called on Israel to delay its plans for a large-scale assault on northern Gaza, where over a million civilians have ignored the evacuation order. Hamas, which controls the densely populated area, has vowed to continue fighting and has instructed residents to stay put. While some individuals have left, there has been little evidence of a mass exodus. The UN has stated that the situation is impossible for Gaza’s civilians, as power supplies have been cut and essential resources are running low. The Israeli military insists that the evacuation is necessary to isolate Hamas, their main target. Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas has called for immediate aid access into Gaza, and the US and Israel have discussed the creation of safe zones for civilians within the territory. Israel has already launched intense airstrikes on Gaza, resulting in almost 1,800 deaths. The Israeli military has not specified its plans for the future, but has pledged to take significant action in the coming days. A ground invasion of Gaza presents severe risks, as Hamas has threatened to kill its hostages. The United Nations has warned that the evacuation of Gaza’s civilians would have devastating humanitarian consequences. The situation has led to concerns of retaliatory attacks against Jews in other countries, with increased security measures being implemented around synagogues and Jewish community centers.

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