Thu. Dec 7th, 2023

Jason Kelce, who happens to be the brother of Taylor Swift’s current boyfriend, Travis Kelce, got trolled by a hilarious sign board recently. The Philadelphia Eagles American football center player had an unexpected welcome at a hot dog stand in Chicago. He and Andrew Whitworth visited The Wiener’s Circle in Chicago’s Lincoln Park neighborhood where hot dogs infamously come with a side of sass from the clerks, for a skit accompanying Amazon’s “Thursday Night Football” game this week. Read on to know what happened next!

Jason Kelce trolled with a Taylor Swift reference

A photo shared on The Wieners Circle’s Instagram showed a lit-up sign below the spot’s logo with a funny message for Jason Kelce. “Welcome Taylors Boyfriends Brother,” said the board referring to Jason’s fellow NFL star brother Travis Kelce who has been linked to Taylor Swift since September. The restaurant also put together another hilarious sign for Jason that read, “Welcome The Other Kelce Brother.” The social media account of the eatery also posted a picture of the NFL player queuing up to try one of their hot dogs.

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Jason Kelce reacts to Travis Kelce’s relationship with Taylor Swift

After the younger Kelce went to Argentina to catch a part of Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour, the rumored relationship just got more fire. Jason Kelce is a big supporter of brother Travis Kelce’s love story with Taylor Swift as he admits the public interest in the new couple is “a lot.” On one hand, he is happy for his brother but feels weird about the way people are gossiping about it now. However, Jason Kelce revealed that his brother doesn’t share too many things with him due to a particular reason. “I don’t know! He doesn’t tell me too much now as I have a tendency to run my mouth a bit too much,” he added.

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