Tue. May 21st, 2024

Dozens of balloons of smoke covered the morning sky over Israel as Hamas continued to fire rockets from the Gaza Strip, with Israel’s Iron Dome intercepting them midair. The conflict between Israel and Hamas has escalated to the bloodiest levels in decades, resulting in thousands of casualties and injuries on both sides. Despite Israel’s efforts to defend itself and the use of air raid sirens and explosions, terror attacks persist. NDTV journalists on the ground in Ashkelon, a city near the Gaza Strip, experienced the horror of air raid sirens blaring as they were checking in, prompting them to seek shelter immediately. The roads in the city are deserted as residents brace for further strikes. In response, Israel has launched a fierce counterattack, aiming to change the situation in Gaza. Although the Iron Dome system intercepts many rockets, the sheer volume of launches by Hamas means some manage to penetrate these defenses, resulting in casualties in Israeli cities.

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