Sat. May 18th, 2024

Cpl. Naama Boni, a 19-year-old soldier serving in the 77th Battalion of the Armored Corps, was attacked by Hamas in a full-scale surprise assault. The attack involved airstrikes, naval attacks, and ground forces, with thousands of missiles fired from Gaza, causing widespread destruction and numerous casualties.

During the attack, Ms Boni was injured and found herself in a precarious situation with a Hamas gunman closing in on her hiding place. Despite her injuries, she managed to find temporary shelter and reached out to her family via text message. In her messages, she expressed her love and concern for her family while describing her head injury and the imminent threat she faced. She also mentioned being with an injured soldier from the Golani Brigade and the lack of reinforcements available to them.

In subsequent updates, Ms Boni informed her family about the persistent presence of a terrorist nearby and the sounds of someone in pain, possibly indicating a casualty. Her aunt revealed that Ms Boni was stationed at the entrance of the base when the attack occurred. She continued to receive messages from her niece about the terrorists shooting at her until communication abruptly ceased.

Concerned for her safety, her family tried to reach out to her but were only informed later that she had been hospitalized at the Brazilai Medical Center. Unfortunately, nobody provided them with any updates on her condition. The family desperately held onto hope that she was still alive until an official notification officer arrived, confirming their worst fears.

Ms Boni, originally from Afula, had enlisted in the Israeli army just seven months prior to the attack. Her tragic death serves as a heartbreaking reminder of the dangers faced by soldiers in conflict zones.

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