Tue. May 21st, 2024

As gun battles raged between Israeli security forces and Hamas fighters in Gaza, Israel’s defence minister Yoav Gallant threatened to “change the face of reality” in the region. The escalation of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict resulted in the deaths of over 200 Israelis and 232 Palestinians. Hamas launched a massive rocket barrage and offensive, prompting Israel to respond with intense airstrikes. In a video statement, Yoav Gallant condemned Hamas for their attack, stating that they did not differentiate between civilians and launched a criminal attack. He vowed to change the reality in Gaza. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu also promised to demolish Hamas strongholds and reduce them to rubble. The conflict has put Israel at war, with rockets pounding the country from Gaza. US President Joe Biden expressed unwavering support for Israel and warned against any exploitation of the situation.

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