Tue. May 21st, 2024

Hamas has rejected an Israeli order to evacuate 1.1 million civilians from northern Gaza within 24 hours, ahead of an expected ground incursion. The group stated that they will not be displaced and will remain steadfast in their land and homes. The United Nations has criticized the demand, warning of devastating humanitarian consequences. Aid agencies are concerned about the logistics of moving such a large number of people during a war, especially when Israeli forces have indicated their willingness to cause collateral damage. Gaza is a narrow strip of land surrounded by Israel and Egypt, completely cut off from the world and heavily reliant on Israel for basic necessities. Israel has demanded that Gazans move to southern areas, but entry/exit points have been closed. Evacuation options are currently limited, with no indication that Israel will permit humanitarian corridors and Egypt has rejected such corridors to protect Palestinian rights. The Israeli-Hamas war has seen relentless aerial strikes and the expected ground attacks have been reinforced by tanks and armored vehicles massing at the Gaza border.

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