Mon. Jun 17th, 2024
Jared Leto is known for doing some crazy things. The infamous actor, who has been known to employ a bit of method acting for his roles has a notorious reputation in the industry as someone who will do some unimaginable stunt to get something right.
The actor recently pulled one such stunt, though this time out of the movie sets and into the New York skies. 

Jared Leto’s unbelievable climb atop the Empire State Building

Jared Leto has a reputation, that of being fearless in whatever he does. Whether that’s choosing risky film roles or just putting his life in danger and climbing the Empire State Building. Recently, the 51-year-old actor climbed the iconic New York building in order to announce his band Thirty Seconds to Mars’ seasons’ world tour.
The actor made the difficult climb in front of his mother as well, who came out to support her son’s daring endeavor at The Empire State Building.
“I made it. I’m alive. I made it to the top, and I was just saying, I saw my mother in the window of the 80th floor, that was a nice surprise,” Leto told Today in an interview after the stunt. “My mom came to visit.”
The Suicide Squad actor was incredibly moved by the experience which he called challenging. The stunt was also a showcase for the new album that his band is putting out called, It’s The End of The World But It’s A Beautiful Day. The album, according to the singer, celebrates all the things that can be done in this world if one puts their mind to it.
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Jared Leto’s fearless attitude towards his art

Jared Leto has always been something of an enigma in Hollywood. He is someone almost everyone recognizes but he’s not someone you can put in a particular box. He is an Oscar-winning actor at one time, a rockstar touring the world with his band the next and then he goes on to do a film like Morbius.
One can’t predict the next move of this actor, who is also an avid investor yet sends dead rats to his castmates in order to get into the role of The Joker.
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