Sat. May 18th, 2024

The streets of Jerusalem have turned into a “ghost town” as the deadly conflict between Israel and Palestinian militants continues for a third day. Residents of the city, both Palestinians and Israelis, are living in fear and worry about the escalating war situation.

Palestinians in the Israeli-annexed east of Jerusalem are concerned about potential abuse by Israeli forces as they go about their daily jobs. The main market in the Old City, near Khan al-Zait, has seen few shops open during this time. One Palestinian man shared his experience of being mistreated by Israeli police officers while running errands.

On the west side of the city, an Israeli pensioner reflected on the deserted streets, attributing it to the ongoing war. The atmosphere in the city is reminiscent of the 1973 war when Arab armies attacked Israel.

Commercial centers, like the First Station, where many people were just days ago during the Jewish holiday of Sukkot, have come to a standstill. Schools in both the east and west sides of the city have not been able to open due to the violence.

The city’s residents are also being impacted by the adverse weather as strong winds and rain discourage them from leaving their homes. A manager of the First Station compound expressed the despair felt by many, stating that they feel like they are “dying from the inside.”

While the city is quieter than usual, there are young people offering help to families affected by the war, and residents are organizing assistance for displaced or wounded individuals. Tourists can still be seen in smaller numbers, but there is concern about the ability to leave the country by air.

Overall, the mood in the city has shifted, and people feel demoralized by the videos circulating on social media showcasing the horrors of the fighting. The conflict has brought an unsettling and tense atmosphere to the residents of Jerusalem, with moments of panic when rocket alerts sound.

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