Tue. May 21st, 2024

A viral video on social media shows a Kerala farmer driving an Audi A4 luxury sedan to a roadside market to sell vegetables. The footage, shared by Sujith SP, known as the ‘Variety Farmer’ online, showcases the farmer cultivating crops and then using his Audi A4 to transport the produce. The Audi A4 is valued at over Rs 44 lakh. The video also demonstrates the farmer spreading a mat on the ground and displaying red spinach for potential customers. After selling his produce, the farmer wraps everything up and heads back to his luxury sedan, wrapping his lungi around his shorts before driving away. The video has gained over 446,000 likes and 8 million views, with internet users commending the farmer’s dedication and hard work. The farmer, who has over 203,000 followers on Instagram, is renowned for promoting innovative farming techniques and integrating technology with agriculture.

By admin