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Earlier in 2022, Lisa Kudrow attended The Kelly Clarkson Show where she spoke to the host about alternative career options she would have opted for in case she did not become an actor. To Clarkson’s surprise, Kudrow had planned to become a doctor because of her affinity to biology.

Lisa Kudrow opens up about the time she had planned to become a doctor

Responding to Kelly Clarkson who said that she had heard that Lisa Kudrow initially wanted to be a doctor, the FRIENDS actress shared, “No, that is absolutely true.” She further added, “Well, my father is a doctor, my brother was in medical school. So not out of nowhere. I found it fascinating, I loved biology, I took honours biology and I was like this is it for me. For sure.”

To this Kelly Clarkson asked, “Well, how did that shift happen?” Lisa Kudrow responded by saying, “Well this is a little weird. But whenever I would come home from spring break or something from college and I lived in LA, and I’d be driving around and I’d hear a commercial on the radio for a sitcom and they’d be promoting their best joke and it just sounded like it was being punched so hard.”

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Lisa Kudrow reveals what pushed her to become an actor

Speaking on the show, Kudrow said, “And in my head I would think, ‘Oh my god, don’t punch it like that Lisa, just remember. Throw it away. Throw it away. And that was… my first thought was, throw it away. Wait, what? Why would I need to remember that? And those kinds of things kept coming up and happening.”

She added a similar instance and shared, “Like David Letterman and I’d see someone on (the show) and I’d be like oh she seems so phoney. Lisa, when you’re on Letterman, don’t be phoney. And then I went, ‘Wait, why would I ever be on David Letterman, that doesn’t even make sense.”

Kelly Clarkson then went on to suggest that Lisa was creating a vision board in her head and that she loved how Kudrow leaned into the voice in her head. Kudrow added that she, “needed a practical, rational thing like, ‘You know what, you don’t have kids, you don’t have any responsibilities, you can go for this now.” She then concluded by saying that she was glad she made that decision and ventured into acting.

Meanwhile, Kudrow is known for her stellar performance as Phoebe Buffay in the iconic sitcom Friends.

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