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Zeenat Aman, the Indian actress who redefined beauty and grace, is among the first women to make bold decisions early on in her career. This could be seen in the unconventional roles she played in her movies. As we celebrate the veteran actress on her birthday today, let’s take a look at her powerful and inspiring Instagram posts that made even youngsters fall in love with her.

Empowering Zeenat Aman’s Instagram posts

Be it playing Roopa in the film Satyam Shivam Sundaram or a sharp and resilient woman Roma in the 1978 film Don, Zeenat Aman played some iconic roles titled bold and brave. After she made her way into Instagram, the actress continued to make her voice heard and her opinions matter.

1. Zeenat Aman normalizing aging

In one of her early posts, the Hare Rama Hare Krishna actress spoke about aging and how being old is beautiful. She said that as women grow old, they are ‘offered sympathy’ unlike their male counterparts. She penned, “As women, we are told that our social worth lies in youth and physical beauty. If not explicitly, then in a thousand subliminal ways. This is especially true for the entertainment industry. In general, as we age, men are endowed gravitas but women are at best offered sympathy.”

Take a look at her post:

2. Zeenat Aman making a statement on privacy of celebrities

The internet is always curious to know every minute detail of a public figure. While some like to feed them with the information, others like to draw a line when it comes to giving out information about their personal lives. When Zeenat Aman posted a picture of herself, all set to visit a friend, she shared her thoughts on celebrity privacy and how there are more important things in life than digging into which celebrity met whom and where.

Take a look at her post:

3. Zeenat Aman encouraging people to adopt a dog

It’s wonderful to see many celebs use their stardom and fan following to advocate for important things. In one of her posts, the Yaadon Ki Baaraat actress shared a picture with her rescued Indie dog Lilly and encouraged people to ‘adopt a dog from a shelter or the streets than to buy one.’

Take a look at her post:

4. Zeenat Aman on parenthood

Parenting is not easy. But still, when it comes to a celebrity nurturing and bringing up their kids, all eyes are on them mostly pointing out what the parents are doing wrong. With a picture of her kids sitting on her lap when they were teenagers, the Dostana actress penned that ‘there’s no guidebook in the world that can really prepare you for parenthood’. Shweta Bachchan and Archana Puran Singh were among the many people who lauded her insights on it.

Here’s what she wrote:

5. Zeenat Aman gives a piece of her mind to gossipmongers

Gossiping might come across as a harmless activity. However, when it comes to celebrities, these false information and rumors can affect their career and sanity pretty badly. In one of her posts, the evergreen actress addressed this issue and slammed those who indulge in loose gossip about celebs.

I will also not hesitate to say that spreading loose gossip and false information says much more about the speaker than the one who is spoken about,” she said in the post. Kajol also responded to it saying, ‘Facts!’.

Take a look:

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Zeenat Aman turned 72 today. Pinkvilla wishes her a very Happy Birthday!

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