Tue. May 21st, 2024

New Delhi: With elections approaching, politicians are going the extra mile to win over voters. One independent MLA from Rajasthan took this to a literal level by polishing the shoes of his party workers and constituents.

Determined to combat caste biases in the state, the MLA gathered his supporters at a cobbler’s shop to polish their shoes. Videos of this unique election campaign quickly went viral on social media, showing the MLA respectfully touching an elderly supporter’s feet with his forehead and seeking his blessings.

Under a shed, hundreds of people gathered to meet the MLA as he sat there polishing shoes. The announcement in the background said, “An MLA who polishes our shoes, protects us and the Constitution is among us.”

As people showered the MLA with rose petals and cheers, he helped an elderly man put on his newly polished shoes.

In an interview with NDTV, the MLA, Mr. Hudla, expressed his desire to eliminate caste discrimination. He stated, “Eradicating caste discrimination is my priority. I consider workers as my God. I stand with the common man, the poor, and the laborers, and I am always ready to help them. Today, I have honored them by polishing their shoes.”

After spending nearly an hour polishing hundreds of shoes, Mr. Hudla emphasized, “My aim is to eliminate caste discrimination in the area. Many people in the area engage in caste politics, which is not right for us. In Mahwa, people are living in peace and love for one another. We have established new dimensions of development in the Mahwa Assembly Constituency.”

“I firmly believe that casteism is a barrier to progress and development,” Mr. Hudla added. “It perpetuates discrimination and divides our communities. It’s time to break these barriers and work together to uplift every citizen.”

Earlier on Mahatma Gandhi’s birth anniversary, Mr. Hudla raised a 100-meter-high Tricolour outside the Mahwa district hospital. His supporters then carried him on their shoulders to a stadium, where he unveiled the statue of former President APJ Abdul Kalam.

Interestingly, after winning the election in 2018, the MLA had polished the shoes of his constituents.

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