Fri. Dec 1st, 2023

As the season finale of Selling Sunset inches closer, the Oppenheim Group’s real estate agents are in an entangled in a web of conflicts. In Episode 10 of the latest season, the spotlight shines on two main feuds that are going on—feuds involving Amanza, Chrishell, Bre, and the newest addition to the show, Cassandra.

Unveiling Chrishell’s fashion

For the fashion-conscious fans of the show, a much-anticipated moment arrives as we see Chrishell’s extravagant shoe collection. Chrishell, who has often been discussed for her fashion sense on the show shows off her wardrobe specifically her bags and shows to her sister, who is in town visiting her. There is another heartwarming moment with Chrishell’s sister, where we witness a playful discussions about the possibility of her and G tying the knot in Las Vegas.

Meanwhile, Amanza opts for self-care over her usual office routine and goes to get an ear-piercing with Mary. This season, Amanza has had to deal with similar challenges to those Mary faced in the previous season when she assumed a maternal role among her fellow real estate agents.

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Cassandra arrival 

There are clues and hints that suggest that Cassandra might get a permanent desk in the upcoming season. This comes from Chelsea, who is friendly with Cassandra, and suggested to Jason that she should be hired.

Jason initially expresses reservations, but he eventually agrees to meet Cassandra. This mirrors how Chelsea secured her own position at the firm. Bre is not happy with this move as she thinks of Cassandra as somewhat of a stalker.

Setting the stage for the season finale

The season finale of Selling Sunset takes center stage as it approaches with the grand opening of the new Los Angeles office. Jason proposes inviting Cassandra to the event.

Notably, Chelsea’s orchestrated proxy war between Cassandra and Bre adds an extra layer of intrigue. As the show navigates these rivalries and tensions, viewers are left eagerly anticipating how it all unfolds in the upcoming finale.

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