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Gerry Turner, the 72-year-old protagonist of The Golden Bachelor, emerged as a beloved figure with a heartwarming story that resonated with viewers. Devoting almost five decades to his late wife, Toni, Gerry’s journey to find love again captivated 13.9 million viewers during the reality show’s premiere. His relatable tale of enduring love amid loss made him a standout lead in The Bachelor universe. As the finale approaches, however, reports of potential deception about Gerry’s romantic history create suspense around the narrative. Despite the uncertainty, fans remain charmed by the seemingly wholesome lead and his genuine moments shared on national television.

What did Gerry Turner’s ex-girlfriend reveal about their relationship?



As The Golden Bachelor finale approached on November 30, recent months saw a shift in the once-positive narrative surrounding Gerry Turner. A bombshell revelation surfaced as Gerry’s alleged ex-girlfriend, identified as Carolyn, spoke to The Hollywood Reporter, challenging the image of a man who claimed not to have dated in 45 years and not been kissed in six years. According to Carolyn and her friends, she and Gerry began dating a few months after the death of his wife, Toni, contradicting public perceptions. The disclosure includes text messages and documents obtained by the outlet, shedding light on a previously undisclosed chapter in Gerry’s romantic history. Their acquaintance started while working together at the Vera French Mental Health Center, with Gerry, 14 years her senior, reaching out to her for assistance after Toni’s passing in 2017.

She told The Hollywood Reporter, “The idea that I’d go out with a recent widower just mortifies me. Until I went back and looked at my text messages, I never realized Gerry’s texts had turned hot and heavy so relatively soon.” The revelation came to light as Gerry purportedly expressed a profound sentiment to Carolyn via text, declaring, “You are the right woman for me. No need to look further.”



Following ten months of dating, Carolyn made a life-altering decision, leaving her Iowa home to reside at Gerry’s lake house in a quaint Indiana town. To facilitate this move, Gerry Turner suggested she quit her job and find employment near the lake house. Adding a layer of commitment, Carolyn asserted that Gerry promised her mother an eventual marriage. The idyllic scenario took a less glamorous turn in July 2018 when financial discussions arose. Gerry proposed a split in expenses, requesting $1,000 monthly from Carolyn, a figure she negotiated down to $850.

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Why did Gerry Turner and Carolyn break up?

During preparations for Gerry Turner’s high school reunion in October 2019, a contentious moment unfolded as he allegedly pointed to Carolyn’s body, stating, “I’m not taking you to the reunion looking like that,” as reported by The Hollywood Reporter. While Carolyn initially interpreted it as a remark about her 10-pound weight gain due to stress, the statement’s ambiguity allows for multiple interpretations.



The alleged couple’s relationship eventually came to an end in 2020. Gerry reportedly instructed Carolyn to vacate the house by January 1. In a twist of events, while packing her belongings alone, Carolyn fell down the stairs and had to undergo surgery the next day. When Gerry returned home, he allegedly accused her of staging the fall to prolong her stay, even suggesting she intended to sue him for the injury. Despite her hospitalization, Gerry insisted she find accommodation in a hotel.

Closing the chapter on their relationship, Gerry allegedly remarked, “I really wish this would’ve worked out. Call me when you get to your hotel, so I know you made it safe.” Beyond his alleged involvement with Carolyn, Gerry reportedly dated other women for a substantial period, as revealed by Heather Lanning, an employee at The Shady Nook near Gerry’s Indiana lake house as per The US Sun. Lanning mentioned that these relationships weren’t short-term but didn’t evolve into long-term commitments. Gerry’s dating connections were facilitated through introductions rather than the use of dating apps.

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