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Jeezy and Jeannie Mai, who initially met on the set of The Real, celebrated their love by tying the knot in April 2021. Their joy expanded with the arrival of daughter Monaco in January 2022. Despite the public announcement of their relationship at the inaugural SnoBall Gala in Atlanta, the couple faced a surprising turn of events when, nearly a year after Monaco’s birth, Jeezy filed for divorce in September 2023.

Why are Jeannie Mai Jenkins and Jezzy getting a divorce?

After two years of marriage, rapper Jeezy, born Jay Wayne Jenkins, has officially filed for divorce from TV personality Jeannie Mai Jenkins. The legal action was initiated on Thursday in Georgia’s Superior Court of Fulton County. The filing asserts that “the marriage of the parties is irretrievably broken” and expresses that “there is no hope for reconciliation.”



Jeannie Mai has issued a response to Jeezy’s divorce filing, strongly hinting at infidelity and emphasizing its potential impact on their prenuptial agreement and asset division. Legal documents obtained by TMZ suggest that Jeannie’s attorney contends her right to amend the counterclaim, insinuating Jeezy’s involvement in infidelity. Her lawyer said, “Wife reserves the right to amend this counterclaim to add other grounds for divorce, but which Wife does not wish to specify herein at this time in the hope this matter can be resolved without having to disclose such conduct publicly.”

The lawyer continued, “Wife further shows that the Court should enforce Paragraph 8 of the Prenuptial Agreement regarding infidelity which provides, in pertinent part, that in the event that either party engages in sexual relations, an emotional relationship, or is emotionally or sexually suggestive in communication with a third party via all forms of electronic communications, including but not limited to texting, sexting, Facetiming, social media and/or Direct Messages, shall result in a significant financial penalty upon the adulterous party…”

Jeannie Mai is simply accusing Jeezy of infidelity and asserting that he must pay a substantial financial penalty as a consequence. The legal documents do not specify the details of Jeezy’s alleged involvement, leaving undisclosed the identity of the person he was purportedly engaged with, communicating with, or seeing.



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Did Jeezy file for Monaco’s custody?

In January 2022, Jeezy and Mai joyfully welcomed their first child, a daughter, Monaco, marking a significant milestone in their relationship. Having commenced their relationship in 2018, the couple exchanged vows in March 2021. In the divorce documents, Jeezy is pursuing joint legal custody of their daughter, with the expectation that their prenuptial agreement will be upheld. The announcement of their impending parenthood came amid shared struggles with fertility, underscoring the emotional journey that preceded the arrival of their much-anticipated first child together. Mai told Women’s Health, “It was the most beautiful sign that anything’s possible, that you’re not in control, and God has a plan.”

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