Fri. Jun 21st, 2024

The podcast industry faced challenges in 2023 with mass layoffs and cancellations of popular shows, attributed in part to a drop in advertising revenue and lackluster profit margins. Despite this, Foreign Policy expanded its podcast lineup, featuring shows on topics such as espionage, diplomacy, economics, and climate change. Here are some top-rated episodes from the year:

1. “Grading Biden’s Middle East policy” on Foreign Policy Live with Ravi Agrawal interviewing experts and officials on the war in Gaza.

2. “Trillion-Dollar Sticker Shock? Let’s All Get Over It.” on Ones and Tooze, discussing the benefits of public spending on a massive scale and why governments need to embrace it.

3. “How Men Are Trying to End Gender-Based Violence in South Africa” from The Hidden Economics of Remarkable Women, Season 4, Episode 3, focusing on male allies addressing gender-based violence.

4. “In Cod We Trust” on The Catch, Season 3, Episode 1, delving into the perils of overfishing and the impact on Norway’s fishing industry.

5. “Top Negotiator for Hollywood Writers Traces Steps That Led to a Deal With Studios” on The Negotiators, Season 3, Episode 4, featuring an interview with Ellen Stutzman, the chief negotiator for the Writers Guild of America West during the Hollywood writers’ strike.

Despite industry challenges, Foreign Policy remains committed to providing its subscribers with insightful and engaging content about world affairs through its expanding podcast lineup.

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