Tue. May 21st, 2024

A Ryanair flight from Liverpool to Ibiza was forced to land in France after a man’s ”disruptive” behaviour led to him being escorted off the plane. The flight had only been in the air for around an hour before it was grounded in the south of France after an intoxicated man exhibited unusual behavior before passing out in his seat.

A video of the man being removed from the plane by police officers has surfaced on social media. The clip shows a seemingly intoxicated passenger, struggling to stand and walk, as three police officers guide him toward the plane’s door. Meanwhile, passengers can be seen clapping and cheering as the man was escorted off the plane.

The 45-second clip was uploaded on X with a caption that read, “Ryanair Liverpool to Ibiza, diverted to Bordeaux. Don’t do drugs kids!”

After the passenger was removed, the flight continued its journey to Ibiza. Ryanair has confirmed the reason the flight was diverted was due to a passenger becoming ‘disruptive inflight’.

A spokesperson from the airline said, ”This flight from Liverpool to Ibiza (03 Oct) diverted to Bordeaux after a passenger became disruptive inflight. The crew called ahead for police assistance and the aircraft was met by local police upon arrival who removed the passenger. The flight continued to Ibiza following a short delay. This is now a matter for local police.”

In yet another disruptive passenger behaviour during flights, a couple was removed from a plane by Southwest Airlines flight attendant. The action reportedly followed the flight attendant’s observation of the woman engaging in drunken cartwheels before boarding. The flight attendant, whose identity remains undisclosed, consistently urged the couple to depart, citing concerns about ‘compromising the aircraft’s safety.’

The flight attendant is seen saying in the video to the passenger, “You’re flipping all over the ground; you’re engaging; you’re loud; you want attention from everybody… The whole entire crew saw it, and all of us are in agreement that you cannot come on here.” The incident happened in June and was first posted on Reddit

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