Sat. May 18th, 2024

The Israeli military has launched airstrikes on Hamas positions in the Gaza Strip in response to a major rocket attack. The conflict, which began yesterday, has already resulted in over 600 deaths.

It is difficult to compare the military strength of Hamas and the Israeli armed forces directly, as Hamas employs unconventional terrorist tactics. However, the use of advanced weapons systems such as drones, gliders, and extended-range rockets suggests a more sophisticated form of terrorist operations.

In the event of a ground assault on the Gaza Strip, Israel is expected to respond with its far superior conventional forces.

Hamas’s recent attack was a military-style operation, utilizing new weapons and tactics that have not been seen before in active conflicts. Videos have shown the use of powered gliders to bypass heavily fortified check posts and infiltrate Israeli territory.

For the first time, Hamas has employed armed drones to target Israel’s most well-defended tank, the Merkava IV. Additionally, the use of rockets with the range to reach Tel Aviv, over 70 km away, indicates the use of advanced guidance and propulsion systems.

Hamas has also attempted to breach Israel’s borders through maritime routes, with many of these boats intercepted by Israeli forces. These weapons systems are part of Hamas’s al-Qassam Brigades, the military battalions that carry out terrorist operations.

As with previous attacks, Hamas has employed hostage-taking and the use of civilians as human shields. It is possible that some of the terrorists who infiltrated Israel were on one-way missions.

While Israel is known for its intelligence apparatus, it will heavily rely on its conventional military strength in a larger conflict, which now seems inevitable. The Israeli Air Force, renowned for its technological advancements, possesses F-35 stealth fighters, a wide range of smart bombs, and a highly network-centric system of operations. The country also has approximately 500 Merkava tanks and missile boats with quick reaction systems.

Israel’s nuclear capabilities may not be directly relevant to the current conflict with Hamas but serve as a deterrent if the conflict were to extend beyond its borders.

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