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Taylor Swift has been making headlines left, right, and center, sometimes for her record-breaking Eras Tour, and other times for her new blossoming relationship with Travis Kelce. The singer has been on a roller coaster of success as she recently started her South American leg of the tour, after finishing up months of performing in the USA. The tour started back in March of this year, and already many things have changed for the 33-year-old since then.

In the past 8 months, she’s become the first woman in history to have 4 albums in the US top 10 all at once, as well as amassing 100 million monthly listeners on Spotify and entering the celebrity billion-dollar club. Unfortunately, Swift broke up with her longtime boyfriend Joe Alwyn but started an alleged relationship with a new flame, Travis Kelce. With boatloads of news still surrounding the singer, it can be difficult to remember all the memorable moments from the Eras Tour. Read on as we list down her tour’s most iconic moments so far.

Taylor Lautner showed up on the stage

As many Swifties would know, Taylor Lautner is one of the only exes of Taylor for whom the singer had shown remorse for treating him wrong. So, one can only imagine when Lautner not only ended up featuring in her music video for, I Can See You, from album, Speak Now (Taylor’s Version), but also showed up on the stage during the concert, it was chaos in the blondie-land. To jazz it up, the Twilight actor did a few enthusiastic flips coming to the center stage, hyping the already anticipating crowd. The appearance of one of her former partners on her show, and music video created an online storm, as we’d probably have to wait eternity to see something like this again.

Taylor Swift’s indirect jibe at Kanye West for infamous 2009 VMAs incident

Taylor Swift has never been the one to hold her words back, especially when it comes to the times she was wronged by her longtime nemesis, Kanye West. In August, while the 33-year-old was performing her show in Mexico City, the crowd couldn’t get enough of her. They screamed and shouted her name repeatedly as she tried to speak, which triggered a war-time memory for her. She joked, “That is the loveliest and the best way to be interrupted by the way. Just people chanting your name. It’s really the only way to be interrupted. And I would know.” For the unversed, back in the 2009 VMAs, Taylor was interrupted on stage by Kanye, while she was in the middle of accepting her award.

Taylor Swift bursts into laughter while singing about forgiving Kanye West

On the note of the West-Swift rivalry, many would be aware that the VMAs unfortunately wasn’t the last time, the two musicians crossed ways. In fact, it only escalated further in the coming years. The Cat’s actress famously wrote This is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things, during the bridge of the song, the singer laughs while talking about forgiving the Donde rapper. And from the looks of it, the singer still finds the idea as laughable as when she recorded the song back in 2018. She broke out into uncontrollable laughter during her Seattle show, as she sang the song.

Taylor Swift tells a security guard off

A person as popular as Taylor Swift needs her security to be on point 24/7, with their guards up all the time. However, sometimes things go wrong, and people who don’t deserve it, get caught up in the chaos. In one of her shows, Swift seemed to have witnessed one of these moments. As the singer sang her Reputation hit, Bad Blood, her face scrunched up in confusion, and soon she interrupted her song briefly to stand up for a fan who was wrongly being targeted by a security guard. The singer yelled, “She’s fine! She wasn’t doing anything. Hey, stop!” One thing is clear, Swifties look out for Taylor, and she looks out for Swifties.

Taylor Swift gives a shoutout to Travis Kelce

It’s only been 5 months, but Taylor and Kelce are giving fans relationship goals. In her most recent outing in Argentina, Buenos Aires, the Shake It Off singer as good as confirmed her alleged relationship with Travis Kelce, after giving him an adorable shoutout in her song Karma. Swift surprisingly swapped the lyrics of the track, singing, “Karma is a Queen. Karma takes all my friends to the submit, Karma is the guy on the Chiefs [swapped out screen].” If this isn’t enough to make you start asking, “Me and Who?” yet, Travis’ was captured by some fans uncontrollably grinning ear to ear after hearing the unexpected lyric change.

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