Tue. May 21st, 2024

Israel has launched a relentless attack on the Gaza Strip following a surprise attack by Hamas operatives, resulting in the deaths of hundreds of people in the border areas. Israeli forces, including former soldiers and reservists, are engaged in airstrikes and ground assaults to push back Hamas gunmen. In this war, women are playing vital roles as soldiers, journalists, and medical personnel.

The Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) has shared videos and photos of women officers on active duty. One soldier shared details of the offense on Kibbutz Be’eri. Here are some of the women involved in the Israel-Hamas conflict:

1. Moriah Mencer: This former IDF soldier flew back to Israel after her friend was killed in the recent attack. She expressed her determination to fight against Hamas and find her missing friends.

2. Ella Waweya: Known as “Captain Ella,” she is the first Muslim Arab woman to become a major in the IDF. She shares updates about the ongoing conflict in Gaza on IDF’s Instagram, emphasizing unity for Israel’s success.

3. Zohar and Liron: This couple survived a massacre at a music festival and immediately reported for reserve duty in the Combat Engineering Corps’ reserve battalion.

4. Plestia Alaqad: A Palestinian journalist based in Gaza, Alaqad uses her phone to document the widespread devastation caused by the war. She shares how life has changed since the conflict started.

5. Miki Dubery: An American journalist who moved to Tel Aviv, Dubery has interviewed victims and reported on the atrocities committed in the region since the Hamas assault.

These women’s stories highlight the grim reality of the Israel-Hamas conflict. The impact of the war can also be seen on social media, where Alaqad’s Instagram posts have shifted dramatically from her previous content.

The ongoing conflict has taken a toll on journalists, with at least seven deaths reported by the International Women’s Media Foundation in the first three days of fighting.

As the conflict continues, Israel and Hamas have exchanged more fire, with Israel imposing a “complete siege” on the Palestinian territory, depriving Gaza of essential supplies. Israel’s Energy Minister has declared that supplies will only be restored if Hamas releases all hostages held in the territory.

The situation remains tense, and the world watches anxiously for any signs of resolution.

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