Wed. Apr 17th, 2024

The Bihar government has released data from a caste-based survey, revealing that 36% of the state’s population belongs to Extremely Backward Classes, while 27.1% are from Backward Classes, 19.7% are from Scheduled Castes, and 1.7% are from Scheduled Tribes. The remaining 15.5% consists of the general population. This survey has sparked controversy, with the Supreme Court hearing petitions challenging the judgment that allowed for the survey. Chief Minister Nitish Kumar plans to discuss next steps with all nine parties in the ruling coalition, which may include addressing calls to increase OBC quotas currently set at 27%. The survey aims to identify areas in need of development and promote the advancement of various sections of society, including the disadvantaged. Despite opposition from some political parties, including the BJP, the caste-based headcount has received support from across the political spectrum.

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